When we initially came together, we had many questions on our minds. Seemingly different and unrelated inquiries, which we soon realized all shared common roots. We began by thinking about building new methods of collaboration that don’t reproduce and enable patriarchal structural conditions. We thought about how we can recognize algorithms that reign over and construct our social networks, and inevitably our social realities. We wished to learn other ways of approaching our shared concerns across the art world, regardless of our varied geographies and identities. As art world participants, empowered by these exchanges of knowledge, we want to create structures and spaces for thinking together and holding art institutions accountable to their values and practices.
We think together, read together, question together and find solutions together. We write and translate together. We draw together. And laugh together – like good old hyenas. 
We hold art institutions accountable for their decisions and choices; asking them for transparency around who they work with and why.​​​​​​​
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